A New Era

More than a decade year old, YouTube, the world’s largest growing video broadcast and streaming service has become more than just a place to watch and share video uploads from around the world.

Opportunists have become successful off of YouTube which may entail a few hundred-thousand followers, large amounts of views on every video, thousands of comments from national and international fans and a career with the online company. But how does the individual or group on YouTube make money?

Well, through the success of this individual or group on YouTube, their popularity will mean more attraction to their videos and the advertisements that play at the beginning of your video will contribute to their revenue with YouTube, and thus, YouTube will split these profits with them. Another way to earn money off of YouTube is to become sponsored off of large companies such as management agencies, who will usually aim to hold meet and greets for the YouTuber/s and their fans.

I remember being a ten year old girl who loved to watch YouTube videos such as new songs that would be released and silly people doing silly things but as I grew up, YouTube was growing and evolving into something else. I felt that I didn’t need to read cook books, watch television or go to the cinemas. I felt like everything I needed was on Youtube! From celebrity interviews, current events and the news, how to apply make up, how to bake a cake and episodes of television shows. All in one place!

To top it all off, I was made aware that some individuals and groups who have become successful over YouTube, rely solely on YouTube and posting their content to make a living.

This is what media convergence means to me. YouTube has showcased their growth over the years and this is evident from the wide variety of content you will be able to find on their site. Allowing creative individuals to make a living from posting content to YouTube, being able to gain access to cooking methods, news and television shows on a device that isn’t a television and being able use YouTube as a music store are just some of the fine examples of media converging in society today. Thus, the convergence of everyday life onto a media platform which exists in the world of technology really proves that we are all living in a new era.


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Yours, Mine and Ours

With the current media landscape maintaining so much power over its consumers and users, it is crucial to consider which media moguls own these types of companies. However, it is even more pivotal to consider what they aim to achieve to do during their reigns over their media industry thrones.

The wide and confusing sprawl of various ownership over various affluent media corporations seems to me that these media moguls are in the business for money and power, not influence (no surprise there). However, according to the Australian Communications and Media Authority – ‘Media Interests’ Snapshots, family owned networks do not allow media magnates to hold any percentages of shares among their family-owned companies. A new-age media dynasty perhaps?

Aside from that, consumers of the media should be aware of the influence that these powerful media share holders have over them as it will ultimately determine what type of news they are and how they are consuming it.

With new platforms of communication technology and various mediums of social media, there are now wider varieties of media outlets available that do not trail back to the ownership and influence of media moguls and large corporations. Platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, WordPress and Facebook give informed individuals and members of society the opportunity to post ‘their take’ on certain occurrences in news and current affairs and celebrities will also take part in this. So this just proves that owning shares in large companies can only go so far when wanting to influence and change a nation’s outlook due to their consuming of media.

Consumers in Australia have a wide access to various forms of media, whether it be through radio, television, newspaper or on technology device. This access must not alter to the consumer’s detriment, but must develop as time passes and technology develops. These media shareholders must not consider an immense amount of media censorship. For example, Russian internet censorship bans the use of online forums such as Reddit in aim to reduce anti-political discussion which may occur and thus, the main media sources of Russian society derive from sources that their Government must approve.

Consequently, the reflection of who owns the media that we, as Australian consumers have access to must take place as it can definitely alter the outlook and the perspective we have on the media we absorb.




The Eye of the Beholder

Due to differing mentalities of individuals, media texts and images have the power to convey various interpretations and because of this, it is crucial to recognise the importance of semiotics within advertising and advertisements.

The first image is an advertisement for Heinz. The signifiers of the image consist of the large amounts of red in the image, the stacked tomatoes, the Heinz logo which is visible on the tomatoes itself and the white text at the bottom of the image. The signified is that the stacked tomatoes (which replicate the size and shape of a tomato sauce bottle) represent the freshness and the good quality tomato sauce that Heinz is trying to advertise. The text at the bottom of the image which reads “No one grows Ketchup like Heinz” clarifies and further reinforces the aim of the Heinz company, to make it aware to consumers that their ketchup is made from freshly grown produce. The bright red colours have been utilised to attract attention and they also set the brand apart as the colour red can be a connotation for tomatoes or Heinz Ketchup itself. Thus, the sign that the responder will be left with is that Heinz Ketchup sells fresh tomato sauce.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 3.31.29 pm.png

The second image is an advertisement for Phillips and the signifiers of the imagine consist of the hands grasping the coffee mug, the liquid in the coffee mug which is coffee that has taken the form of a music speaker and the white box at the bottom of the image which contains text and the Philips logo. This advertisement is basically saying, that the Philips speaker ‘AS851 Audio Dock’ will allow its users to ‘tune into the right mood’. This is further clarified with the salient feature of the image, the hands grasping the coffee. It is common that coffee is thought to calm and settle the minds of the drinkers, thus bringing them into “the right mood”. However, inside the coffee mug, a music speaker can be seen. Thus, the signified is that music, can act as coffee and can assure you a “right mood”. The sign is that Philips will provide this “right mood” through the purchase of their speaker.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 3.35.53 pm.png

These two images are read more than one way as at a first glance, they perceive to be a tomato sauce bottle and a cup of coffee but through a closer look, are stacked tomatoes and a speaker in a cup of coffee.

The audience of the Heinz ketchup bottle advertisement might think, Heinz must have been mistaken for an unhealthy, artificially fused tomato sauce which is why they are trying to promote that they grow tomatoes to make their sauce or they might think that Heinz is the only ketchup company that sells real tomato sauce as “no one grows ketchup like Heinz”. Whereas the audience of the Philips advertisement may believe that Philips speakers are the only brand that can create “the right mood” or that to be in a “right mood”, you must drink coffee and listen to music.

Each to their own, the science of semiotics can clearly make a difference upon the interpretations of advertisements as they can definitely be read in more than one way.

Here is a Youtube video which is an advertisement that constructs and de-constructs the messages behind their purposeful interview.


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To ‘Get With The Times’ or to not?

The use and abuse of social media has taken the form of a current anxiety among media audiences to date.

The cause of this is a heavy rely reliance on social media due to its convenience to connect and share with friends, family and loved ones… But once upon a time, there were days where people had access to social media yet weren’t glued to their phone screens, a time when people did not feel the need to be checking every platform/network every few minutes, a time where you would be fussy about what you were posting and a time when we actually knew birthdays and important days off the top of our heads and didn’t need to check Facebook or search it up on google.

When I turned thirteen years old, I remember having to ask permission from my parents before making my Facebook account, I remember all my friends creating their first accounts when they were twelve years old, I remember the value of this yet I did not know nor understand how I became so heavily reliant on social media i.e. Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat throughout the years growing up. I might as well be one of those humans in the movie ‘Wall-E’, stuck to their screens and their menus (or am I already?…)


This reliance is an anxiety. When real life will catch up to those who have ball and chained themselves to their phones, the reality and essence of life will pertain no more value.

As the new media age will grow into something bigger and hopefully brighter through time, the anxieties remain. This reliance on social media networks and technology has already led to the anxieties of cyberbullying and #FOMO. Being so privileged to have and gain access to media and technology should not be taken for granted as it also can be the solution to these anxieties. 

Scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed (as usual) I came across something rather odd. One of my eldest cousins had made a Facebook account for her 2 month old baby. SO YOUNG. SO EARLY. This child’s life will have Facebook owning images of their face, before they develop their actual facial features. Perhaps an example of ‘getting with the times’?… Or another account to rely on when sharing and interacting with the family members of the child who actually want to see the baby in real time.

The reliance of interaction between family and friends across social media platforms will one day remind those so heavily reliant that interaction and communication doesn’t have to always have to mean comments on Facebook posts and FaceTime calls.


Someone Teach Me How To Shut Up

Avoiding the question “What future career do you plan on embarking on?” is impossible. To be asked this question is inevitable yet individuals despise it, as they still might be lost in finding their way.

On the other hand, there are those individuals who have not had this problem. I’d like to think of myself as one of them. 

To be asked this question gives me that feeling when you find that final piece of the puzzle yet you are still to figure out how to fit it in that last slot correctly.

Someday, I wish to be a broadcast journalist on either the television or on the radio.

I distinctively remember getting in trouble in primary school (probably at least two times a week) for talking too much during class. During high school, I tried to fuel this talkative-ness into something that will benefit my speaking skills. This involved multiple public speaking competitions, debating heats and a tonne of school assembly speeches during my year of school captaincy.


So why not make a career out of it?!!! 

This why I am at UOW.

To study and hopefully attain a Bachelor of Journalism. 

While I am here, I also hope to develop my speaking and writing skills, get some hands on experience with presenting news and current trends in society and (hopefully) have an active YouTube channel by the end of the year 2016. 

p.s – listening is also my thing. I’m just known for my talkativeness haha