To ‘Get With The Times’ or to not?

The use and abuse of social media has taken the form of a current anxiety among media audiences to date.

The cause of this is a heavy rely reliance on social media due to its convenience to connect and share with friends, family and loved ones… But once upon a time, there were days where people had access to social media yet weren’t glued to their phone screens, a time when people did not feel the need to be checking every platform/network every few minutes, a time where you would be fussy about what you were posting and a time when we actually knew birthdays and important days off the top of our heads and didn’t need to check Facebook or search it up on google.

When I turned thirteen years old, I remember having to ask permission from my parents before making my Facebook account, I remember all my friends creating their first accounts when they were twelve years old, I remember the value of this yet I did not know nor understand how I became so heavily reliant on social media i.e. Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat throughout the years growing up. I might as well be one of those humans in the movie ‘Wall-E’, stuck to their screens and their menus (or am I already?…)


This reliance is an anxiety. When real life will catch up to those who have ball and chained themselves to their phones, the reality and essence of life will pertain no more value.

As the new media age will grow into something bigger and hopefully brighter through time, the anxieties remain. This reliance on social media networks and technology has already led to the anxieties of cyberbullying and #FOMO. Being so privileged to have and gain access to media and technology should not be taken for granted as it also can be the solution to these anxieties. 

Scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed (as usual) I came across something rather odd. One of my eldest cousins had made a Facebook account for her 2 month old baby. SO YOUNG. SO EARLY. This child’s life will have Facebook owning images of their face, before they develop their actual facial features. Perhaps an example of ‘getting with the times’?… Or another account to rely on when sharing and interacting with the family members of the child who actually want to see the baby in real time.

The reliance of interaction between family and friends across social media platforms will one day remind those so heavily reliant that interaction and communication doesn’t have to always have to mean comments on Facebook posts and FaceTime calls.



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