Yours, Mine and Ours

With the current media landscape maintaining so much power over its consumers and users, it is crucial to consider which media moguls own these types of companies. However, it is even more pivotal to consider what they aim to achieve to do during their reigns over their media industry thrones.

The wide and confusing sprawl of various ownership over various affluent media corporations seems to me that these media moguls are in the business for money and power, not influence (no surprise there). However, according to the Australian Communications and Media Authority – ‘Media Interests’ Snapshots, family owned networks do not allow media magnates to hold any percentages of shares among their family-owned companies. A new-age media dynasty perhaps?

Aside from that, consumers of the media should be aware of the influence that these powerful media share holders have over them as it will ultimately determine what type of news they are and how they are consuming it.

With new platforms of communication technology and various mediums of social media, there are now wider varieties of media outlets available that do not trail back to the ownership and influence of media moguls and large corporations. Platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, WordPress and Facebook give informed individuals and members of society the opportunity to post ‘their take’ on certain occurrences in news and current affairs and celebrities will also take part in this. So this just proves that owning shares in large companies can only go so far when wanting to influence and change a nation’s outlook due to their consuming of media.

Consumers in Australia have a wide access to various forms of media, whether it be through radio, television, newspaper or on technology device. This access must not alter to the consumer’s detriment, but must develop as time passes and technology develops. These media shareholders must not consider an immense amount of media censorship. For example, Russian internet censorship bans the use of online forums such as Reddit in aim to reduce anti-political discussion which may occur and thus, the main media sources of Russian society derive from sources that their Government must approve.

Consequently, the reflection of who owns the media that we, as Australian consumers have access to must take place as it can definitely alter the outlook and the perspective we have on the media we absorb.



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