A New Era

More than a decade year old, YouTube, the world’s largest growing video broadcast and streaming service has become more than just a place to watch and share video uploads from around the world.

Opportunists have become successful off of YouTube which may entail a few hundred-thousand followers, large amounts of views on every video, thousands of comments from national and international fans and a career with the online company. But how does the individual or group on YouTube make money?

Well, through the success of this individual or group on YouTube, their popularity will mean more attraction to their videos and the advertisements that play at the beginning of your video will contribute to their revenue with YouTube, and thus, YouTube will split these profits with them. Another way to earn money off of YouTube is to become sponsored off of large companies such as management agencies, who will usually aim to hold meet and greets for the YouTuber/s and their fans.

I remember being a ten year old girl who loved to watch YouTube videos such as new songs that would be released and silly people doing silly things but as I grew up, YouTube was growing and evolving into something else. I felt that I didn’t need to read cook books, watch television or go to the cinemas. I felt like everything I needed was on Youtube! From celebrity interviews, current events and the news, how to apply make up, how to bake a cake and episodes of television shows. All in one place!

To top it all off, I was made aware that some individuals and groups who have become successful over YouTube, rely solely on YouTube and posting their content to make a living.

This is what media convergence means to me. YouTube has showcased their growth over the years and this is evident from the wide variety of content you will be able to find on their site. Allowing creative individuals to make a living from posting content to YouTube, being able to gain access to cooking methods, news and television shows on a device that isn’t a television and being able use YouTube as a music store are just some of the fine examples of media converging in society today. Thus, the convergence of everyday life onto a media platform which exists in the world of technology really proves that we are all living in a new era.


How to be successful on YouTube: The 3 steps




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