An Emotional History – Shanine Pineda

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Emotional History – Audio Story Telling Task

Shanine Pineda – Reflection


This task heavily relies on the chosen talent as Giliberti asserts that a reason in which “Podcasting is the future of storytelling” is due to the fact that “talent base is growing”. The ‘talent’, which I selected for this assignment, was one of my friends Uriel. She is a very bright and bubbly individual whom has high amounts of motive and clarity in her voice. Before selecting her as the subject and in the interviewee for my assignment, she had called me and wanted to rant about the “dud” of a Friday night she had out in the city a few weeks ago. Mid-conversation, I asked her if she would like to be interviewed as the emotion and tone in her voice alongside the affect she had on me during our conversation definitely convinced me that this story would suit the assignment guidelines.



Our interview was solid however, not time efficient. Upon asking Uriel very little questions, she would dawdle off into a narrative tone and would describe every thing that happened in thorough detail. This was helpful to the final piece and gave me a lot to work with however not helpful at all throughout my editing stage of the task. As Burns asserts, “as the drafts progress, more facts are added to give the story greater substance”. Our interview went for the duration of 16 minutes, which meant a large amount of hours, spent editing, cutting and refining it down to the 2 minutes I have submitted.


The environment of our interview was in my car, parked in my garage where no echoing would take place and where background noises did not occur. The sound environment of my car was very inclusive and ensured that no sounds such as doors opening and closing, cars driving past and voices of people would externally occur. The recording of the actuality was very interesting. I borrowed a zoom recorder on a Friday to have it over the weekend and took it with me to Pontoon Bar and to the Park Royale Hotel Lobby. Going out and having a night out myself was a great way and a great motive to conclude the hard work of editing and refining the interview into a story.


To intensify the plot and to make the audience feel like they are apart of the narrative plot themselves, I added three recordings of actuality: The first was self-recorded atmosphere of a club, which was recorded at Pontoon Bar on a Saturday night. The second was recorded in the hotel lobby of Park Royale Hotel, also on a Saturday night and the third was the recording of my mobile phone receiving text notifications. The first recording from Pontoon consisted of music being played with heavy beats and the chatter and cheering of people in the background. The second recording from Park Royale’s Lobby was highly true to any form of a hotel lobby. It consisted of light somewhat, jazzy-type music overlapped with the muffles of hotel guests in the lobby that evening. Alongside the various forms of actuality, I also incorporated two songs of an upbeat, electronic genre to allow my audio to breathe in times where gaps and breaths were required.


In conclusion, this task definitely reveals how easily audio interviews can be easily altered to suit the needs of the editor. In reference to Ira Glass who stated, “you have to make them [quotes/phrases] come to exist”, it is clearly evident that a substantial audio piece does not have to have a definite starting and finishing point. It can be created through the alterations of the ebb and flow and editing.





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Audio Log for Emotional History – Shanine Pineda


0:09 Q – What happened on Friday night?  
  U – Friday night was the first time I went clubbing because I recently turned 18 *** Clear voice, setting of story
0:19 Q – And on that night, did you plan to stay in the city or did you plan to go home?  
  U – We planned to stay in the city and had a hotel booked for two people ***
0:35 Q – How did this night out come about? Who planned it? What were your plans?  
  U – It was originally for a birthday party and what happened was we were gonna stay at Kings Cross and we were gonna go to the club all together and our friends were gonna book rooms in the same hotel. All of a sudden, the birthday girl cancelled but since we already had the hotel rooms booked, so we’ll just have a night out, no problem. And weirdly my mate decided to invite all these other people to stay in our hotel room so we ended up having 6 people stay at a room for two people ** Needs to be cut down however very descriptive tone in her voice. Almost story-telling like
1:59 Q – Were you excited to spend a night out in the city?  
  U – Um, So, As we got closer to the date, I started to be a bit on the fence with wanting to go or not because I was having a lot of assignments with Uni and I just really wasn’t feeling like going out. My mates were like Uriel, you’re always studying, just come out, just have a night out, we haven’t seen you in so long so I was like fine, okay


** Not relevant/interesting to story
2:21 Q – When did you meet up with the people you were going with?  
  U – So I went straight after Uni, rock up to the hotel and I see all these random people **
2:57 U – And so I meet this girl, her name is Kajule, uhh is it bad if I put in names, cause i’m going to bitch about her *** Humorous and adds novelty to the interview
3:08 U – And she’s like, Hi, Im Kajule, and I’m like Hi, I’m Uriel, shit that’s my name, I don’t wanna say names **
3:20 Q – What were you doing once you met up with everyone? Were you getting to know Kajule?  
3:31 U – We were talking and just getting ready together and this girl…was getting on my nerves, she was so annoying, she was really weird, so she was talking about how she’s in Youth and I was like yeah that’s cool, i’m in youth as well and because that’s how she met my friend Kelsey who the one who invited her, so we were just talking about Youth, nothing major. Then all of a sudden, she started talking about orgies and having threesomes with people, and saying how hot people were and I was like, this girl….girl, you need to pray


*** Another humorous answer to the question, said in a story-telling manner
4:27 Q – Did you do anything else in the lead up to your big night out? How was Kelsey?  
4:45 U – We were just getting ready and drinking and everything and it was hitting, maybe, 9:45, and Kelsey she’s on the bed, and she starts laughing and she’s like, I love my life *Irrelevant, audio is not clear due to mic being moved around
    *loses focus on interview, checks her phone
6:50 Q – What time did you go to the club?  
  U – It hit around 10, we go to the club. So we go to the club and we get free entry, and I’m really worried because my license photo doesn’t even look like me so every time they need my license I’m like, “it’s me””dont worry”.Anyways… ***
7:20 U – We got in and the place was empty because it was my first time clubbing I was like, is this it?! Is this what clubbing is? What the frick! It does not look like what Snapchat looks like **
7:55 Q – So tell me what the atmosphere was like in the club. What had made the night so bad?  
8:05 U – Well we were kind of waiting for it to liven up a little bit but it was like 11, close to 11, Kajule, got kicked out of the club..why? Because she was too drunk and she was sleeping on the floor so the security guard took her out. And because we don’t know her, we were like, well, we’re not gonna go out with you. We don’t really know you *** Detailed and descriptive
8:32 U – So we go to her, look, we’ll give you the hotel key, go back up to the hotel because the security guard was like, you can come back when you’re a little bit sober and she’s like okay *** plot is clear
8:42 U – So we give her the hotel key and it wasn’t really an issue because the hotel was just next-door. * audio not clear due to laughing
8:54 U – And so we start boogie-ing, start having a good time, the club starts to liven up a little bit. Two hours later, we’re go, all right, where’s this Kajule girl? ** thickens and adds to plot,
9:07 U – And then we start ringing her phone. She left her phone in Ashleigh’s bag and so we’re like okay, where’s this girl? **
9:15 U – And so patrisha and ashleigh went to go look for her and they were texting me, and they were giving me updates, and they were texting me and texting me and texting me and it’s like “she’s not in the hotel, we’re gonna look out for her in Kings Cross” ***
9:28 U – And I was like freaking out cause I lost a person, am left with two pinged up mates and people are getting in my comfort zone cause I really wanted to dance, but everyone is tryna, y’know, get it on *Audio seemed rushed
10:15 U – So we go back to the hotel, cause were tired and we just wanna crash and were kind of bored and it was just an off night. Basically this girl ruined our night because we were stressed out over her.

And I was already in an angry mood. Hey, I was tired, I was hungry and I was sleepy and I didn’t even get to drink alcohol and messed up things happened in the club. So I go to the hotel, walk past the receptionist dude and give him a hey


***talent alters the questions I have asked her and answers them in a narrative form
    *loses focus on how she is going to phrase her reply, checks her phone
14:11 U – And so the plan for us to sneakily fit 6 people in a 2 room hotel was to go up one by one BUT, because everyone was drunk and I’m the only sober one and I’m the one who had a key, I had to like, keep letting people in and the receptionist kept looking at us and I was like nup, this isn’t gonna work. Im walking past him 6 times with different people. *** very clear audio, great for the plot
14:39 U – When i’m with Kelsey, he goes up to me and he goes,

“What room are you guys in?”

and I go “408”

and he goes “right okay”

So I drop Kelsey to her room, I go back downstairs for James.

And then he sees me walk past with another person he goes…

“Just letting you know that 408 is for two people only…How many people are there?”

and I’m like, Theres a few of us but we got ready together and he’s like, “okay, just letting you know that you guys signed a contract saying that there is only two people there and I have security cameras and I’ve seen you walk past a couple of times with more than one person and if I go up there and check and theres more than two people, I’m gonna vacate the room and you guys are gonna be escorted by police”

15:39 U – And I go upstairs, everyones there and I knock on the door and I go “Everybody, we fucked up” ***adds humour



Q – Interviewer’s (Shanine) Questions

U – Uriel (Interviewee)