Swipe Life – WHAT’S HIDDEN?

During August 2014, New Zealand Tourist, Warriena Wright died from falling fourteen stories off of her Tinder date, Gable Tostee’s Gold Coast apartment balcony. This incident has lead to the questioning of the “uses and abuses” of social media dating sites such as Tinder.

‘Swipe Life’ explores the virtual agendas of the daily Tinder user and why the emergence of this subculture has developed into its own public sphere. This audio visual piece explores the realms of the daily Tinder agenda as the two interviewed individuals describe their juxtaposing uses of the application. 

Tinder is a mobile phone application which serves as a social media platform for online dating. The application provides “matches” of the user’s choice of gender, kilometre distance and age range based off of their own location in co-ordination with the location of the matches that they are provided with. According to Digital Company Statistics, as of the 3rd of June, 2016, the highly sought application has been downloaded 100 million times, has an estimated 50 million users and has over 10 million daily users whom are classified as “active users” of the app.

This form of internet dating culture, one that is quick, easy and efficient has spawned the world. However, even though the application’s fame has been maintained since its release on the 12th of September, 2012, some of the various users that the application comes across, are not very open with their use of Tinder.

There is a stigma associated with the users of Tinder and these individuals become classified as “desperate”, “middle-aged & single” and “embarrassing” to date and meet people without the aid of an online dating application. This stigma amongst its users further questions their open-ness with their use of Tinder and furthermore, the extent of their privacy alongside the use of the application.

It is cases and scenarios much like Gable Tostee’s “alleged killing” of his Tinder date, Warriena Wright that questions Tinder’s subculture and its moral stances when divulging information of an individual’s use of Tinder to authoritative stature to take preventative measures of such offences to be repeated.


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