Innovative Journalism – The Rising Realm of Audio Storytelling


The developing nature of various forms of journalism over time has proved that approaches to journalism have evolved, ultimately achieving innovation. Audio journalism is a main contributor to mainstream journalism, acting as the counterpart to the visuals or text of news stories and news reports. However, innovative journalism has encountered the rise of audio journalism through podcasts, audio storytelling and radio.
The nature of storytelling encompasses various attributes which have lead to its innovation. It allows for an oral intimacy between the composer of the piece and it’s respective responders. Audio journalism does not require the engagement of visual senses thus being a simple and effortless, yet informative form.
“Audio stories ‘colour in’ and extend beyond the news agenda…Providing a sort of aural literary journalism whose-psychological, philosophical, cultural and political insights transcend national boundaries and connect listeners from around the world” 

-Trends In Newsrooms, 2015 

According to Online Journalism Blog, audio journalism effectively executes “actuality, debate and emotion”. Audio journalism engages its responders by using journalistic practices when composing its pieces. This will include the ability of the composer to distinguish between a newsworthy story and a story that is not newsworthy, thus leading to the “talent” or the individual whose voice will be recorded. This is a crucial aspect of audio journalism as it will determine the ability of the story to engage its responders, the audience of the piece and will also set the genre. The audio quality must be of clarity to ensure the emotion of the “talent” can be identified with when engaging with the audio piece.

Audio journalism is changing the traditional elements of journalism as it provides audiences the chance to engage and create a relationship with the composer or the talent of that respective audio piece. Mainstream journalism such a print journalism or broadcast journalism is firmly associated with the reporting of a story and ensuring the details of the story have been listed. In diee contrast to this, instead of reporting the story, audio journalism tells the story. 
Trends in Newsrooms – 2015 Report